Tim Meredith

I blog about technology, business, leadership, society and politics. I’m interested in how we  live at work and work on life today and in the future.

My work focuses on creating and managing value-driven propositions and innovation.

Born in Northern Ireland, but made my home in England. Although I consider myself a citizen of the UK, Europe and the World, science has taught me how wonderfully insignificant we all are in the universe.

Whilst cynical about the divided world we have created, I believe we all have the capacity to find a common purpose. Technology could help us get there faster, but we need to use it for good.

Companion to high-maintenance, but irreplaceable rescue dog. Would happily adopt a pack if life didn’t get in the way.

Borderline Millennial/Gen Y (if labels are your thing), who grew up in the wrong musical era.

This is my personal site where views or comments may not necessarily be shared by the organisations or professional bodies I represent.