Don’t fear the beta

How many of us check back with our customers after we give them a new product? Do we ask them what they didn’t like about the product or service, or equally as important, what they did like.

You build a product based on a number of criteria; price/feature mapping, market analysis, customer insight, SWOT, etc, then you put it all in the melting pot and forge your initial release. Whether you call it a beta or an MVP, is your best bet on what a customer SHOULD like always right first time?

If the answer is “yes”, you’ve either evolved that elusive product development skill of precognition, or you’re just not asking the questions and/or listening to the answers.

Failing is part of the process and shouldn’t be feared.

You shouldn’t feel like you’ve failed as long as you fail quickly, and learn from your mistakes when you start again.

After all, it is fearless experimentation (and the failure along the way) that has led to humanity’s greatest achievements.


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