Can you differentiate with Hosted VoIP? (contains spoilers)

Spoiler alert: you can’t.

Hosted VoIP cannot differentiate on its own. With the decline of ISDN and the upcoming decline of SIP Trunking, Hosted VoIP is rapidly becoming a commodity product. The standalone VoIP game continues to be a race to the bottom.

Service providers will now battle to add value and differentiate at the application layer, providing tight integrations with productivity applications, improving customer experience. This battle is now fought in a new landscape with additional challenges (Microsoft with Skype for Business/Office 365), who are paradoxically friend and foe to the traditional telco.
Service Providers can also differentiate by constructing an environment that encourages creativity. Rich APIs, sandboxes, and flexible usage models attract app developers. This was formerly the domain of the Asterisk or Freeswitch advocate, but now service providers like Twilio offer cloud-based platforms up with almost no startup cost included. I’m sure it won’t be long before we see SIP become another PaaS/SaaS service offered up by Amazon.

Arguably it exists today through their community marketplace ecosystem and EC2 instances. Being a service broker that is easy to work with will win the day; simplicity is the key here.
Finally, link up the technology elements that comprise an end-end solution and package them into a proposition that is simple to consume. This takes the complexity away for the customer and creates integrated multi-product propositions that won’t seem like they were thrown togethe


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