Survey results – Feb 2017

The results of the “Personal Mobile Preference” survey are in.

Just as a reminder, this was a simple, 2-question survey that I promised to openly share the results of with my social networks. It was anonymous.

Two questions were posed, with the following results:

Personal mobile preference:

1- Which mobile operating system do you use today?

Apple 68%, Android 28%, Microsoft 4%

2- Which mobile operating system would you prefer to use?

Apple 46%, Android 54%

Although not hugely scientific based on the qualities of the survey and quantity of responses, but I think it’s fairly clear that attitudes are turning against a dominant Apple. Time will tell if sales reflect this user sentiment and Android steals some of the Apple base.

For me, this survey accurately reflects my own attitude and response to the questions. Is that reassuring, or am I just one of the crowd being influenced by media coverage? Again, time (and user experience) will tell.

These results were the only visible part of what I was interested in. I also wanted to guage the Twitter and LinkedIn communities engagement with me and the subject, as well as their reaction to the questions.

Here’s the other data:

– Over 1000 people saw my posts on the survey. I can’t give exact numbers as multiple posts could be duplicate views.

– 189 people engaged with it, either expanding the post or clicking the link.

– 25 people submitted responses, 24 of which answered both questions, 1 didn’t answer the 2nd question

– 2 people were critical of the survey, either disagreeing with or misunderstanding the positioning or questions

– 2 people shared it with their social networks

– My networks mainly consist of technologists and marketeers in the ICT industry.

What does that tell us?

It’s difficult to tell exactly without further research, but it does suggest a few possible things to me:

– As an industry we’re not ready for wider-scale collaboration needed to move our communities forward. Just compare your traditional ICT supplier to a “Software” business and the contrast is evident.

– We’re suspicicious of data gathering and reluctant to share our experience/intentions.

– We don’t like donating our time for crowdsourcing/sharing activity

– The answer was not interesting as maybe our industry doesn’t feel mobile is important enough

Lots of assumptions, I know, but if (a big IF) any of these are true, it is a worrying situation for our industry.

User propensity to favour one mobile platform over another is a big question we face in the widening ICT ecosystem. It influences the proposition development we prioritise in our businesses and the partnerships we form.

The widening ICT ecosystem also means that we need to change our approach to the market, users and partnerships; embracing greater collaboration with new or different models of engagement. This requires us to adopt a new approach to openness and platform extensibility, not seen in the traditional, closed ICT businesses of old.

My recommendation is that the ICT industry quickly but carefully considers their approach and understanding of:

– Mobile strategy

– Openess and market/user engagement

– Technology/Commercial partnerships

I hope you found this piece interesting, or maybe even useful.


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